Testing and Commissioning

The Signalling Testing Division at Trackwork provides a 24-hours-a-day, 7 days a week service for national coverage supporting long-term projects of complete re-signalling systems or short-term assignments such as replacing a signal. The mobile resources teams operate nationally from our three dedicated testing facilities in Doncaster, York and Kettering.

All projects are managed by an experienced Project Manager/TIC, who is responsible for ensuring the approved signal design is installed and commissioned efficiently.

Our experienced, competent Signalling Testers maintain a professional approach at all times and aim to be as flexible as possible to meet clients’ needs around the testing and commissioning of signal equipment.

With access to the right equipment and the most up-to-date information our highly-trained Signalling Engineers can support testing of individual pieces of signalling equipment through to large and complex signalling systems. Clients can be assured that once signal equipment has been tested and commissioned by TICS, the signals will deliver the service and reliability as it was designed to do.

Areas of signalling works testing expertise

With in-house Signalling Engineers, Trackwork has one of the largest independent testing resource in the UK and has gained experience in all aspects of equipment within the UK rail infrastructure including:

  • Interlocking renewals and alterations of various types including GEC Geographical, Westpac, RRi, SSI, E10k and Mechanical
  • Point conversion works
  • Junction re-modelling and relaying
  • Level crossing upgrades and renewals
  • Track circuit alterations and replacements
  • Train protection warning systems (TPWS)
  • Panel and remote control systems – alterations and renewals
  • Power systems
  • Token and block systems
  • Processor based interlocking systems
  • Transmission systems
  • Correlation and survey works

Signalling Works Testing Capability

Works Testers

The Trackwork Signal Testing and Commissioning Team is located at offices in Doncaster, York and Kettering.  Many of these are multi-disciplined, which enables Trackwork to field staff in the following allocations:

  • 9 Licensed Testers in Charge plus three under mentorship
  • 4 Licensed Principle Testers plus one competent and two under mentorship
  • 7 Licensed 3BI Testers plus three competent and 10 under mentorship
  • 18 Licensed 3BL Testers plus seven competent and two under mentorship
  • 9 Licensed 3C Testers plus 24 competent and seven under mentorship
  • 17 Licensed Mod 5 Testers plus 36 competent

Testing staff are multi-skilled and as such hold several licence categories and/or are competent at a more than one level (i.e. all TICS hold 3B, 3C and MOD 5 etc.) as well as 16 Signal Designers and other staff with various testing competencies.

Signalling Testing Services

Our experienced Signalling Testing and Commissioning Team support clients with a number of specialist signal engineering including:

  • Testing and commissioning of signalling projects
  • Overall testing management
  • Principles and control tables testing
  • Signalling equipment correlation
  • Verification and validation testing
  • Functional testing
  • Signal maintenance testing
  • Providing professional signal engineers on a consultancy basis to help Network Rail on national projects

If you have a requirement for either the renewal of existing signalling equipment or implementation of new signalling systems please contact us or phone 01302 888666 and ask for the Signal Testing Division.