Signalling Design

Trackwork has a wealth of rail signalling experience ranging from the design and replacement of single railway signals through to creating a new complete complex signalling system. Equally at home providing design support for re-positioning a new signal or a complete station re-modelling, our dedicated design office in York is capable of producing fully independent signalling designs from concept to completion. Designs are produced for various signalling projects including platform extensions, switches and crossings, signal boxes and new stations.

As an independent design team, we can help clients to consider alternative options in the design of any new signalling system. At Trackwork, we are always thinking of innovative solutions and how we can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of projects for our clients.

The approach offered by the experienced Signal Design Team to meet projects on time, safely and within budget ensures Trackwork is one of the leading signalling design and testing companies in the UK. Following a huge investment in staff and technology, the Design Team is able to meet all needs through its flexible and innovative approach.

The use of AutoCAD and Bentley Microstation System tools enables Trackwork Signalling Engineers to deliver designs directly to the clients’ desktop, helping to share concepts and expediting the approval process, which ultimately helps in saving time and money. Signalling design services can be procured by clients on a standalone basis, or can be offered with support in other aspects of our services including signalling, installation, and testing and commissioning. All projects are handled by a dedicated, experienced railway signalling Project Manager.

Areas of signalling design expertise

Trackwork has gained a wealth of experience in signalling design, and our capability and experience includes:

  • Re-signalling and signalling alteration schemes
  • Switch and crossing (S&C) renewals and remodelling
  • Level crossing alterations and renewals
  • Train protection warning systems (TPWS)
  • Interlocking and location alterations and renewals on various equipment infrastructure, including RRI, GEC, SSI, Mechanical, Westpac & E10k

Signal design capability

The Trackwork signal design division includes licenced, experienced and dedicated personnel as follows:

  • Design Managers
  • Design Verifiers
  • Principle Designers
  • Designers
  • Assistant Designer

This Signal Design Team operates a flexible approach and runs consecutive signalling design projects simultaneously, allowing us to provide support to various clients with the following signalling services:

  • Signal scheme development
  • Feasibility studies for new signal systems
  • Production and checking of OPS/SDS documents
  • Production and checking of signal schemes and signalling plans
  • Production and checking of control tables
  • Production and checking of signalling and details design
  • Interlocking design and checking of RRI/geographical/mechanical systems
  • Providing professional Signal Design Engineers on a consultancy basis to help Network Rail on national projects

If you have a requirement for a design to renew an existing signal or need help in developing a new signalling system, please contact us or phone 01302 888666 and ask for the Signalling Design Division.