Trackwork Licencing

IRSE Licensing Assessment Agent

Trackwork is committed to the ongoing demonstration of competence of our employees in order to meet both the national and industry relevant standards.

Changing industry requirements and the growth of the Signalling Division over the years has prompted the development and implementation of a robust Competence Management System.

We offer a complete and comprehensive IRSE licensing and assessment service to the whole signalling market through Trackwork Licensing. All assessors are fully qualified and occupationally competent to undertake assessments for existing and new clients within the following categories:

We can provide the following licenses in each of the categories below:

Signalling Design

1.1.500 Signalling Design Assistant.
1.1.510 Signalling Designer.
1.1.550 Signalling Principles Designer
1.1.160 Signalling Design Verifier.

Signalling Installation

1.2.105 Point Fitter.
1.2.200 Signalling Assistant Installer
1.2.210 Signalling Installation Operative.
1.2.220 Signalling Installation Technician.
1.8.100 Signalling Team Leader (Same as below)

Signal Works Testing

1.3.150 Test Assistant.
1.3.155X Signalling Verification Tester (non-operational).
1.3.155Y Signalling Verification Tester (operational)
1.3.170 Functional Tester.
1.3.180 Signalling Principles Tester.
1.3.190 Tester in Charge.

Signal Maintenance

1.4.100 Assistant Maintainer.
1.4.160 Maintenance Tester
1.8.100 Signalling Team Leader (Same as above)


7.8.110B Engineering Manager – Installation.
7.8.110C Engineering Manager – Testing.
7.8.110E Engineering Manager – Design.

For further information or to find out how we can support your achievement of IRSE licences, contact contact us or phone 01302 888666.