Track Components and Fittings

Our stock of Permanent Way (P-Way) and S&C components is the largest in the UK.

Our huge storage capacity allows us to invest in a wide range of track components and fittings which further enhances our already comprehensive supply of Sleepers, Bearers, Castings and S&C Layouts.

We are proud to say that two of the intrinsic fittings used in the manufacture of Baseplated/Chaired Sleepers & Bearers, come with the TWL stamp of quality and are produced under licence by our appointed manufacturers:

  • Galvanised AS Chair screws (0057/048191)
  • Plastic Ferrules (0057/048415)

Our full range covers Pads, Clips, Insulators, Bolts, Fishplates and all fittings in between.

We can provide thousands of different parts direct from stock, or source on short lead times from our network of supply partners, so please contact us to discuss what you need in more detail.