Plain-line and S&C Castings

In addition to our long established production of volume, plain-line Castings, following our acquisition of Ballantines Castings Ltd in 2014, we now have an in-house Network Rail approved foundry facility, focused on producing high quality castings for S&C layouts and bespoke Railway applications.

Plain Line Castings

Our range covers all types of Castings which are produced under licence at various foundries throughout Europe and the UK. All of our Castings are Network Rail approved and produced to their relevant specifications.

Being one the largest producers Railway Castings in the UK, and further supported by our exclusive contract with Network Rail, we can provide the most competitive prices, with many items available direct from stock.

Baseplates and Chairs are produced under licence for us and all carry the TWL (Trackwork Ltd) mark of quality.

S&C Castings

All S&C castings are manufactured at our in-house foundry situated in Bo’ness, just outside Edinburgh. The current range provides a full suite of flat bottom and bullhead castings (both vertical and inclined patterns) including, but not limited to:

  • Heel blocks
  • Distance blocks
  • S&C baseplates (VA/VB/VC/VD etc)
  • Heel chairs

We also offer:

  • Grey iron and S.G iron castings
  • Adjustment switch baseplates
  • Bullhead / Flatbottom Slideplates
  • Flat bottom and Bullhead Check Rail Chairs / Baseplates

Bespoke Castings

Alongside our existing range, our three in-house pattern makers allow us to provide bespoke and heritage castings in small quantities to suit specific needs and requirements.

If you would like more information about our plain line and S&C castings please contact us.