Pintsch Depot Control Systems

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Trackwork is the exclusive UK distributor of Pintsch GMBH PINMOVIO interlocking and depot control system, PINPROTEGIO level crossing barrier and signalling system, PINLUXON LED signals, PINCLIRIO axle counting, PINCALIO point heating and PINPOSITON conveyer system.

Pintsch depot control systems have been installed in the UK for over 20 years and there are many UK depots where a single operator is controlling the train movements for the entire depot.

Efficient and Safe Solutions for Depots, Sidings and Branch Lines

The Pintsch PINMOVIO control and interlocking systems provide offer cost-efficient, and reliable solutions ideal for depots, sidings and branch lines. The modular design allows for flexibility and scalability to meet specific needs.

Modular Components of the PINMOVIO System

  • PINMOVIO 100 – Electric Hand Points: The PINMOVIO Point Machines are operated by a plunger,  with a  Point Position Indicator (PPI) showing when detection is achieved.
  • PINMOVIO 200 – Locally Operated Points: PINMOVIO Point Machines operated by a plunger combined with a Point Position Indicator, includes axle counters for  deadlocking and for “electric trailing”.
  • PINMOVIO 300 – Locally Operated Electric Points (PSP): PINMOVIO Point Machines operated from Points Setting Panels (PSP), Route Setting Panels or VDU, includes axle counters plus limited interlocking.
  • PINMOVIO 400 – Depot Control & Signalling: PINMOVIO Point Machines and shunting signals operated by a route setting VDU with simplified interlocking and includes axle counters.