Road Transportable Plasser 09/16 CAT ZW Tamper joins the Trackwork plant hire fleet

Posted: August 1, 2019

We are pleased to announce a Plasser 09/16 CAT ZW tamper (with ALC) has joined our plant fleet, and has been granted a certificate of engineering acceptance & product acceptance by Network Rail.

Premiered at Rail Live, this model provides an efficient work output of circa 900m plain line per hour due to its continuous action tamping made possible by its satellite system, and can work on a tighter track radius than the larger bodied mainline tampers.

With Trackwork’s recent Framework award by Network Rail for ‘Supply, Operation and Maintenance of On-Track Machines – Lot 2’, engineers can now take advantage of hiring a tamper that is transported to site with Trackwork’s HGV & specialist trailer. The tamper is tracked on/off at a suitable Road Rail Assess Point (RRAP), with access requirements assessed by our own logistics team.

Simon Lee, Rail Director of Trackwork comments ‘There was a real need for an efficient road transportable plainline tamper, and this Plasser Tamper allows Trackwork to meet this requirement & further support Network Rail and our wider Rail Infrastructure clients’.


Road Transportable Tamper