Hazardous Waste Wood Disposal

In 2003 the Environment Agency classified redundant railway sleepers treated with creosote or copper chromium Arsenic (CCA) as hazardous waste wood. In response to this we built one of the first and only Energy from Waste plants, powered predominantly by redundant Sleepers.

Our Energy from Waste plant is audited, monitored and licenced by the Environment Agency and burns hazardous waste wood to generate electricity. This goes on to power our Doncaster site and exports surplus energy to the National Grid.

We work closely with Network Rail and have already recycled over 3.5 million sleepers in compliance with the Waste Incineration Directive, and have been awarded the Environmental Efficiency Award by Network Rail.

We provide a hazardous waste wood collection and disposal service for the following:

  • Creosote wood waste
  • CCA wood waste
  • Tanalised wood waste
  • Cooling tower wood waste
  • Demolition wood waste
  • Marine timber waste
  • Railway sleepers
  • Utility poles
  • Telegraph poles

If you have hazardous waste wood that you would like us to dispose of or would like to know more please contact us.