Stevenage Turnback Siding, East Coast Mainline

Trackwork were awarded the contract to carry out permanent way and signalling works to allow installation of the new Turnback Facility at Stevenage station encompassing work to both the Down Hertford and East Coast Mainline Down Slow.

The Stevenage Turnback siding project formed part of an Enhancement Delivery Plan to upgrade the East Coast Mainline Inner Suburban services. The project provided a turn back facility serviced by a new single face platform (Platform 5) within the station sufficient to stable a 6-car unit, based on Class 717 rolling stock.

This new facility was designed to alleviate current capacity issues and enable inner suburban trains from London to turn-around and return in reduced timescales.

The permanent way scope of works included:

  • Carry out dilapidation surveys
  • Removal of existing track panels utilising Kirow Crane
  • Excavation of formation and installation of new bottom ballast for the S&C
  • Installation of 1 No. FVs 24 Turnout unit utilising Kirow Crane
  • Tamping to final horizontal and vertical alignments applying lifts in excess of 250mm and slews in excess of 100mm
  • Installation of 1340m long Turnback siding and Friction Bufferstop
  • Welding and Stressing of plain line track and S&C units
  • Works carried out in possession and ALO conditions

The signalling scope of works included:

  • Relocating existing REB and GSMR communications
  • GEC geographical interlocking alterations and local panel changes in Langley Signal Box
  • Power Change overs and upgrades
  • 9 No. New Location cases and alterations to 12 existing Location cases
  • 2 No. new sets of points
  • 5 No. new signals
  • New AWS/TPWS
  • Cable diversions and multiple cable runs over a 3 mile distance
  • New Signage