HS2 Crane Rail & Rail Head Installation, West Ruislip

Trackwork were awarded the contract to install a new rail head & crane rail as part of the HS2 project.

The construction of the HS2 West Ruislip Rail Head facilitates the transportation of materials for the HS2 Ruislip West tunnel. A gantry crane supported by crane rail provides the offloading of concrete tunnel segments from rail freight trains.

Trackwork were employed to survey and install the railhead & crane rail. 

The scope of works included:

  • Existing 238m siding was removed in ALO conditions, including rail, sleepers & buffer stop and stored for re-use.
  • Construction of new sidings consisting of:
    • Installation of 1.1km of ballasted FB CEN56 rail, on serviceable F27 sleepers.
    • Installation of 2 No. DV flatbottom turnouts.
    • Installation of 1 No. BV crossover.
    • Installation of 3 No. fixed buffer stops including solar panel, red lights & stop boards.
    • Installation of 10m of track fixed with Ho Pan Baseplates on a 25mm grout pad.
    • Removal of 2 no buffer stops, followed by relocation of 1 no buffer stop.
    • Tamping
  • Crane Rail installation consisting of:
    • 770m of A75 crane rail, fixed to a concrete foundation supported by soleplates and epoxy-based grout.
    • Jointing of A75 crane rail using Enclosed Puddle Arc Welding.