Why Offer an Apprenticeship?

It can be hard to decide whether to take on an Apprentice because some of their time will be taken up with training and they might not be as skilled as your other workers. While this may be true, the benefits definitely outshine any of the negatives making an Apprenticeship a truly worthwhile investment.

With over 200,000 employers currently offering Apprenticeships (this number is consistently rising) there’s clearly some great benefits to be had. To find out what they are take a look at the list below.

Apprenticeship benefits

  1. Reports confirm that an Apprenticeship can improve employee productivity by £214 or more.
  2. They are a fantastic way to introduce new staff to your business or retrain or upskill existing staff members.
  3. They are a cost effective way of filling skill gaps in your business.
  4. 80% of companies that provide apprenticeships see increased staff retention
  5. 77% of employers feel it makes them more competitive.
  6. 57% of companies have seen their apprentices progress to management roles.
  7. There is minimal disruption to the business as staff gain qualifications without taking time away from employment
  8. Apprenticeships are designed to address your business needs, helping you to grow and move forward.
  9. 92% of employers say apprenticeships have created a ‘more motivated and satisfied workforce’.
  10. A massive 81% of consumers prefer companies who employ apprentices.
  11. You could receive generous funding towards the cost of training your apprentice (you will still be required to pay their wages).

*Data collected by the National Apprenticeship Service and www.gov.uk.

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