Apprenticeship Programmes

This section will help you understand how Apprenticeships are structured and what you’ll be responsible for.

All Apprenticeship programmes (frameworks) are linked to the specific job role or occupation of the Apprentice. We provide Level 2 (intermediate) Apprenticeships.

A typical Level 2 programme includes:

  • A nationally recognised vocational qualification (Diploma)
  • Functional Skills training in Maths, English and ICT
  • A Technical Certificate in Underpinning Knowledge
  • Development of Personal Learning and Thinking Skills
  • Employee Rights and Responsibilities

Duration of an apprenticeship
This will vary depending on the current skill level of the Apprentice, the qualification being obtained and the industry sector. The minimum duration for any Apprenticeship is 12 months.

Providing employment
All Apprentices must be fully employed at the time of starting their Apprenticeship. You, as the employer are responsible for paying their wages, providing a contract of employment and an Apprenticeship agreement.

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