Hinkley Point C - Sarens SGC-250 Crane Rail Installation

Due to our specialist expertise in crane rail installations, Trackwork were appointed to install 6km of track for the largest land-based crane in the world.

The £22bn Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant project, will provide the UK with low-carbon electricity for around 6 million homes. To lift some of the heaviest pre-fabricated components on the project such as reactor buildings, requires the use of the world’s largest land-based crane, the Sarens SGC-250.

The Sarens SGC-250, also known as ‘Big Carl’, is capable of lifting 5,000 tonnes and reaches 250m tall.

The crane with its 128 wheels, is positioned onto 4 circular rails forming a ring, enabling the crane to slew around its centre using circular slewing bogies. Straight travelling bogies enables the crane to travel between the rings, providing 3 different lift locations.

The scope of works included:

  • Installation and levelling of Sole Plates to tight tolerances
  • Installation of 6km of Crane Rail including fixings to form traverse and Western, Central & Eastern rings
  • Fine lining and levelling of Track
  • Final torquing of holding down bolts and track components
  • Pre-installation & verification surveys for position of plates & level of track

Due to the multi-contractor environment of this project within a sensitive nuclear site, our Contracts Manager developed a detailed Works Package Plan to ensure robust communication channels between all parties were in place and our planner provided effective management of the programme, to ensure milestones were achieved.