DCCR Re-cert Stand alone – 1 DAY

Primary Objectives

    • Describe the principles of the DC Electrified system.
    • Identify the main components of the DC conductor rail system.
    • Identify hazards and risksassociated with being near or adjacent to the DC conductor rail.
    • Describe how to cross the DC conductor rail safely.
    • Describe how to transit tools and equipment safely across the DC conductor rail.
    • Describe defects that would render insulated tools and equipment unfit for purpose.
    • Identify hazards associated with working within DC isolations.
    • Describe the work safe and emergency response procedures.
    • Demonstrate how to inspect insulated tools before use.
    • Demonstrate the correct application and removal of conductor rail shields.
    • Identify defective tools and shields.
    • Identify the three risk control areas as stated in NR/L3/MTC/EP0152.
    • Demonstrate how to cross the conductor rail safely.
    • Explain how to safely transit tools, materials and equipment within the DC electrified area.


  • Demonstrate how to apply a Track Circuit Operating Clip safely.

Number of participants: